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2013 Daniel J. Rowen Memorial



Jordan Gruzen FAIA -     Gruzen Samton Architects

Kim Yao AIA -     Architecturl Research Office

Eric Goshow AIA -      Goshow Architects and

2013 AIANYS President

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AIA Peconic announces winners of the 2013 Daniel J. Rowen Memorial Design Awards Program  CLICK HERE

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IN ADDITION:  The Southampton Center for the Arts will assist us in bringing school groups from the entire chapter and both forks to the venue to help school age children from K-12th grade understand what Architects do, how we work and what opportunities exist in the field of architecture.  This is a giant step in AIA PECONIC's effort to reach out to all our schools as we have been only able to meet with high school students in the past.  We hope you are excited about this great opportunity and plan to participate


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2014 AIA Peconic

Executive Committee

Luis Peris, AIA, Mark Matthews AIA,  Richard Sheckman AIA,  Anne Sherry AIA,  Viola Rouhani AIA and Doug Moyer AIA


has been installed


We are very pleased to announce the 2014 Executive Committee for AIA Peconic. The volunteers of AIA Peconic are the foundation of this organization and help to position AIA Peconic in the world of community service through architecture.


Anne Sherry AIA of Anne Sherry Architect and President of AIA Peconic will lead this Executive Committee into a very exciting year of special events of community interest.  With the help of Luis Peris AIA of Island International Fabricators as Vice President they will initiate events, along with many member volunteers, to develop community interest in architecture.  Viola Rouhani AIA of Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects will serve as Secretary of AIA Peconic along with the assistance of Mark Matthews AIA of Mark C. Matthews Architecture P.C. as Treasurer. Richard Sheckman of ORS Architecture will serve as Immediate Past President for 2014. They will all serve a one year term in overseeing the continued growth of this almost eight year old organization. Also serving on this Executive Committee will be Douglas Moyer AIA of Douglas Moyer AIA Architect, PC as the NYS AIA Representative and John Whelan Associate AIA of Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects.


Professional development, design excellence and public outreach as been a long term goal of The American Institute of Architects and AIA Peconic is available here on the east end to implement that mission.  Additional information on our new Executive Committee can be found on our website:  Help us to welcome these volunteers by supporting their efforts to make architecture and design part of our everyday culture throughout the east end.

for a copy of this PRESS RELEASE, CLICK HERE



Association is a great word. It’s a group of people organized for a joint purpose. It’s a connection or cooperative link between people or organizations.


The American Institute of Architects is an association with impact. The AIA chapters across the country (like our own AIA Peconic) offer not only assistance to individuals seeking information about architects, but also allow us, individual practitioners, to become part of a vital collective consciousness of best practices, training, resources, contract documents, architectural research, reference material, educational opportunities, mentoring programs and much, much more.


The word Association means we don’t stand alone—we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. But the sum is not possible without the parts. We owe the association as much as it owes us. Our valuable time, so short in supply in today’s busy world, is the currency we give to the association. Our volunteerism is what keeps the AIA and our local chapter alive.


Here we are, the members of the AIA Peconic, fortunate to be working in an absolute hotbed of architectural interest and opportunity. Here—among the farm fields, historic villages and ocean dunes of the East End of Long Island—we have the chance to design buildings from mansions to low-income housing and everything in between. Our knowledge and perspective on so many aspects of the built environment and the natural environment is our significant source of power.


Through our association, we have exposure to the ideas of those who have been in the profession for decades as well as the emerging professionals who can share a new perspective on our ancient craft. Through our teamwork and contribution, we can advance our mission and improve the world around us. And we don’t have to do it alone!


If you’re already a member of AIA Peconic, give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work on behalf of the association. If you’re not yet a member, may I suggest you join today? We have a lot to share with you.

Anne Sherry AIA

2014 AIA Peconic President

click here for a .pdf copy


Please be mindful of the following POLICY:

In order to respect the privacy of and better serve our membership AIA Peconic has established our policy regarding the use of the membership e-mail list. We request that blanket e-mails to the entire membership not be sent without prior approval of the Executive Committee. All questions should be directed to the Executive Director at which will then be distributed to the Executive Committee. Appropriate e-mails will then be distributed by the Executive Director to the membership.



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B. Kay Jones, Executive Director
AIA Peconic, Inc.
P O Box 327
Hampton Bays, New York 11946
phone:  631-728-7832
fax:  631-728-7831
Vice President
Viola Rouhani, AIA
Immediate Past President Richard Sheckman AIA
AIA NYS Rep. Douglas S. Moyer AIA
Associate AIA


2005 Douglas Moyer AIA
2006 Richard Stott AIA
2007 Richard Stott AIA
2008 Ian McDonald AIA
2009 William Sclight AIA
2010 Anne Surchin AIA
2011 Andrew A. Weiss AIA
2012 Andrew A. Weiss AIA
2013 Richard Sheckman AIA


1992 Andrew Weiss AIA
1993 Joseph Deppe AIA
1994 Anthony DiSunno AIA
1995 Robert Ortman AIA
1996 Armando Ortiz AIA
1997 Richard Stott AIA
1998 Henry Flynn AIA
1999 Shawn Leonard AIA
2000 Debbie Kropf AIA
2001 Andrew Weiss AIA
2002 Maziar Behrooz AIA
2003 Armando Ortiz AIA
2004 Christopher DiSunno AIA
2005 Douglas Moyer AIA






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